In order to try keeping the identical language Iranian arch, we push the 2 dimensional arch one step further to the 3 dimensional one. Insisting on using brick in compression condition, we pursue the presence of an iconic building which challenges structural stability of arch. In this challenge rather than having a complete arch, each half of the  arch takes distance adjacent to the other. In order to keep the stability a bridge on top of the tower plays a tensional role which keeps the gravity of two half arch right in the middle of the complex.


Apart from structure and brick arch, the Sharif entrance will play an urban role in the Azadi Street. Its embracing geometry, not only does creat a distinguished icon but also emphasize on the meaning of gathering in its academic meaning. The parametric mirror arch creates a vibrant space which is neither inside nor outside. Instead it is the space building which offers its upper floor level to be used as a gallery of observation. It is within combinations of these spatial experiences that one would remain with memories which make him/her hard to forget this school, university, street, city and country.