Designed and built for a private client to serve as a temporary shade pavilion for a wedding ceremony in Edgerton Park, in New Haven Connecticut (an Olmsted planned landscape). This deployable structure aims to create a floated shelter which avoids imposing any loads to the ground, which traditional structures require. Instead it proposes a well-fabricated balloon, which is filled with Helium to raise the imposed loads of fabric veils and any possible dynamic environmental loads toward the sky. 


Buoyancy is achieved through the efficient harnessing of a noble gas. The idea of ‘Flesh’ is explored through the pavilions possible functions and effects, by which an abstracted mass can impose on fabric surfaces in both relaxation and tension. It is within this dialogue of the helium container and the loads that we can test possible architectural and spatial effects, with articulation between Balloon edges and fabric veils exploring the possibilities in which the complex surface veils are relaxed or in tension in double curvature configurations.



Designer in charge: Mahdi Alibakhshian                                                                                                              Design Team: M.R. Mojahedi - Reza Zia - Ali Sadeghian                                                                                        Consultants: G. Hurcomb - Samuel Ray Jacobson                                                                                      Design Consultant: Nathaniel Hadley